Why Do Some People Get More Cavities Than Others?

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While some individuals are naturally more vulnerable to cavities than others, there are also other reasons why a person is more prone to cavities. Your dentist can get rid of your tooth decay and bring back your shiny tooth once again; however, they don’t have the power to stop you from getting too many cavities in the future. This will depend on you and your dental routine.

If you suspect that, you are more vulnerable to cavities than others, then take a look at the list below and find out if any of these suits you:

Cavity-causing bacteria

Since you are ingesting foods every time, millions of little bacteria hang around. The bacteria produce acids and smudge it on your teeth. Then, these acids will reside on your tooth until a cavity is formed.

Fillings or bad crowns

When you have a poor-quality crown or filling in your mouth, it lets the plaque stay in an unreachable area. This makes it hard to get rid of the plaque when you are flossing and brushing, causing more cavities in the long run.

Frequent sugar intake

It’s no big deal to eat chocolates and other sugar-filled foods, but not too much. These sweets give off bacteria known as fermentable carbohydrates. Thus, the more you eat them, the more susceptible you are to cavities.

Insufficient fluoride intake

Believe it or not, fluoride strengthens the enamel in your teeth. The stronger your enamel is, the more difficult it is for the bacteria to cause damage. Use a fluoride mouthwash or brush your teeth longer with fluoride toothpaste to get more of it. Please visit your dentist to know the recommended fluoride intake for your specific dental needs.

Bad hygiene

Too lazy to brush your teeth? Then, you are only letting those awful bacteria thrive and damage your asset. Unfortunately, inconsistent dental care, especially in the mornings, promotes cavity build-ups.

Not-so-good family dental history

Genetics can also be blamed for this. If your loved ones have bad dental health records, then it is possible that you’ll have the same. Aside from that, family upbringing can also contribute as family members can be the reason for the lack of proper oral hygiene teachings.

More often than not, simple things like forgetting to brush at night after eating some sweets or harshly brushing our teeth are the main contributors of why we are more susceptible to cavities. Review and reflect on these reasons and be more cautious in your dental health from now on.

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