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Top 3 Tips for Healthy Teeth for Busy Moms

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Moms are some of the busiest people that we have ever seen come into a dental office. Why is this? They are not only helping with the kids, they are concerned about the home, they handle almost everything in the house to make it run smoothly. When this is the case, moms often let their own health, including their dental health, go. They often put off those appointments, or do not care for their teeth as they should.

Busy Moms: The Problems We See

There are several problems that your dentist in Walnut Creek sees with busy moms when they do come into the office for their dental checkups. These problems include:

  • Cavities that are not treated
  • Improper brushing techniques
  • They are not flossing
  • Their teeth are often discolored from teas or coffee

These are all problems that can be corrected with the help of a dentist. However, a busy mom can make this easier on herself through taking care of herself. While her main goal may be to care for the family, she must remember that her dental health is just as important.

Tips for Busy Moms and their Teeth

While there are several tips that we can offer moms for their teeth health, there are three main tips to remember. These tips:

  1. Always brush your teeth twice a day. Many moms are guilty of not brushing their teeth as much as they should. Why? They are devoting themselves to the care of others.
  2. Watch what you eat! It is so easy for moms to have a bad diet as they may simply snack on the leftovers that the kids have left, they may grab some sugar more than they should as they need a little pick me up. Watch you eat is going to dictate your dental health!
  3. Always have your teeth cleaned by professionals when this is scheduled. Your dentist can provide a deeper clean to get those things that you may miss, and catch any problems before it goes into even more issues!

Moms, we get it, you have a busy day. However, do not forget that to provide the best care for your family, you too must feel great. Your dentist in Walnut Creek is just one of those people who can help you to be your best! Give us a call today to schedule your visit by reaching us at (925) 937-9017.

Chipped Teeth: Should You be Concerned?

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When it comes to our teeth there are accidents that happen every day that can lead to issues. One of the most common issues that is seen by your dentist in Walnut Creek are chipped teeth. These can happen for numerous reasons and in many cases, the person simply goes on with their life. However, for other people, a chipped tooth is something that causes embarrassment because their smile is not what it used to be.

Are Chipped Teeth a Big Deal?

Are chipped teeth that big of a deal? This is what many people ask. They often think that as long as the tooth is still present, then chipping this tooth is not that big of a deal. However, a chipped tooth can be a big deal. What makes this chip worse for a person?

  • The location of the chip
  • The size of the chip
  • And the overall health of their teeth

Repairing a Chipped Tooth with Your Dentist in Walnut Creek

For those who do chip a tooth, they should not let this go. Instead, they should make an appointment with their dentist in Walnut Creek as soon as possible. A chipped tooth is not something that you should let go. Why is this?

  1. A chip in the tooth can mean cracking later in life, meaning more damage to the tooth as they age.
  2. If the tooth is chipped closer to the root, this could result in needing a root canal due to the root being damaged and causing pain.
  3. The use of crowns, caps or a veneer may be needed in order to make the tooth look as good as it did before the chip.

One important fact to remember is that when a tooth is chipped, there is no fixing this with the piece that has been broken off the tooth. This is why people should practice safe sports, and avoid using their teeth as a way to pry open things, something that many people do. Chipping a tooth is a bigger deal than what most people think. It can lead to problems later, so be sure to visit your local dentist if you were to suffer with a chipped tooth.