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Strange Tongue Symptoms

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There is a lot that can be determined by looking at your tongue. It often gives a glimpse of your overall well-being and what is going on within the body. Your dentist in Walnut Creek shares common signs and symptoms and what they might mean.

White Patches

At the first sign of white patches on the tongue you might attempt to brush them off. If they don’t go away within a week of brushing, it could be yeast. People are more susceptible to thrush if they have diabetes, are taking antibiotics or suffer from a weakened immune system. This condition is treatable with a prescribed anti-fungal medication.

Webbed Look

This could be the indication of a chronic condition known as oral lichen planus. This happens as a result of the immune system attacking the cells in your mouth. Without pain, there is normally no reason to treat it, but your symptoms should be monitored as you have a higher risk of developing oral cancer.


If your tongue has scalloped edges, it could be the result of your teeth pressing into the tongue during sleep. These will often disappear on their own without treatment.


If the red tongue is in conjunction with a sore throat, it is possible you have scarlet fever. It could also be caused by a vitamin deficiency which will also cause the tongue to be shiny. A third cause could be from a dry mouth. All three of these ailments are treatable.


The taste buds in the back of your tongue are larger than the others. These could become even larger if irritated from something hot. Other bumps in the mouth could be a result of canker sores or cold sores.  All of these are treatable and nothing to be concerned about.

Black or Hairy-Looking

This is often related to antibiotic usage, diabetes, a yeast infection, poor oral hygiene or cancer therapy. The cells on your tongue are simply growing faster than the body can get rid of them. This often goes away on its own with time and proper care.

If you notice any unusual or weird symptoms on your tongue, it is important that you speak to your dentist in Walnut Creek about it. Catching ailments early sets you up for the best chance of success if treatment is needed. Please call Dental Care of Walnut Creek today at 925-937-9017 to schedule your next appointment.