Stock up on Back to School Dental Supplies

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While you’re hurrying around checking off all the school supplies for your kiddos, there might be some things you forget to buy. Yes, it’s important to grab those notebooks and new clothes, but your child’s dental health is essential this time of the year as well.

Maintaining proper oral care for your child is an integral part of your job as a parent. As the school year begins, it makes sense to take an inventory of your dental supplies. After all, you want them to make a good first impression at school. A healthy, white smile makes that possible. Review the list of supplies below with the help of your Walnut Creek cosmetic dentist.

Dental Supplies You Need

Inspect your kid’s toothbrush. Does it look worn out? If it’s been more than three months since they’ve gotten a new brush, it’s time to swap it out. Toothbrushes with worn out bristles aren’t effective at cleaning the teeth. Plus, they might be harboring bacteria.

How about the toothpaste? There are lots of fun flavors that are approved by the ADA which would offer a fun blessing for your children. They might want to try a new variety with a bubblegum flavor instead of the typical mint. Anything that gets them to brush more often and for longer periods is a plus.

To help them clean between their teeth, you also want to purchase some kid-friendly dental floss. They come in some fun flavors as well. Just make sure you teach them how to use it properly.

See a Dentist

After you purchase all the supplies, it’s time to make an appointment for a checkup. Even when their teeth look clean, they must be seen by our dentist every six months. Dental decay might be starting beneath the surface where it can’t be seen.

Preventing cavities starts in your home. Invest in the best kid-friendly supplies and your kiddos will be happy to keep their teeth clean.

If it’s time for your child’s appointment – or maybe it’s time for YOUR appointment – call your Walnut Creek cosmetic dentist today at (925) 937-9017.

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