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Alternatives to a Traditional Dental Implants

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Sometimes, accidents happen. After all, that’s why they’re called accidents and usually, they’re completely unavoidable. Still, they happen and when they do, replacing a lost or broken tooth becomes necessary and falls under the category of corrective dentistry. This can involve a multitude of procedures aimed specifically at replacing, repairing or restoring your smile.

Still, despite the numerous options available for replacing broken or missing teeth, dental implants are typically the most common and most recommended. However, there are other options for Walnut Creek dental implants available that might be more suitable to your needs.

Here, we’ve put together a list of some of the other options for when an implant just isn’t right for you.

  • Using Bonded Dentures

One alternative to a dental implant is a bonded denture. This involves your dentist creating a partial denture that they will then be bonded to a resin bridge that is fitted between two of your adjacent teeth. This type of denture is mostly used to replace missing teeth at the front of your mouth, however, they are not very well suited for chewing or biting into hard foods. If your dentist recommends a bonded denture, he or she will be sure to give you a full list of everything that you can and cannot do. Otherwise, you’ll risk breaking the denture and possibly causing damage to your surrounding teeth and gums.

  • Using Bridged Dentures

When looking for an alternative to having an implantation done, dental bridges are a great and affordable alternative. For those who are looking for either a removable or permanent denture, bridged dentures provide you with exactly that, and are the most common approach taken by dentists to replace missing teeth. Furthermore, when fitted properly and by a professional, a bridged denture will offer you excellent chewing performance and is a great alternative to traditional dental implants. Most dentists, as well as implant manufacturers, recommend a proper fitting bridge that will allow your dentition to be restored to exactly the way it was before you lost your tooth.

  • Traditional Dentures

In some circumstances, a patient may choose to undergo a traditional denture fitting for the entire upper or lower portions of their jaw. While this is a much more affordable procedure than other alternatives, it is much less common and may cause a lot of discomfort in the future. There was a time when most people would opt to have a complete denture, however, with advances in dental technology, this practice is used less and less by dental professionals.


Regardless of your choice of alternative, your Walnut Creek cosmetic dentist will need to craft your denture or implant before any sort of procedure can be done, therefore, it’s wise to make sure that they are trained, qualified and experienced in this sort of work. Furthermore, in the end, talking with your dentist is the best way to find out what Walnut Creek dental implants are available and right for you. Call us today at (925) 937-9017 to learn more or schedule your consultation.