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Choosing Non-Micro Bead Toothpaste

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Micro-beads were an exceptional invention when it hit the market. They were bits of plastic that were great as abrasives in things like toothpaste and face scrubs. It wasn’t long before environmental committees noticed that micro-beads didn’t break down at all, which meant big trouble for our ecosystem.

Micro-beads would get washed or rinsed out and end up mostly in filtration systems. However, some would get through and end back in the water system. Fish and animals end up eating them and then they end up on our plates and in our stomachs.

The biggest downside to micro-beads was something product-makers hadn’t considered. Eventually, when plastic breaks down, it becomes toxic on a molecular level. This means that eventually, the microbeads that fish and animals consume will make us sick.

If that isn’t enough convince you to skip the micro-bead toothpaste, here are a few more reasons:

  1. The microbeads get stuck in your gums and pores.

Whether you use a micro-bead toothpaste or face scrub, the tiny pieces of plastic will get stuck in your gums or pores. If they get stuck in your pores, you will likely have breakouts due to blocked pores. If they get stuck in your gums, plaque and tartar will form around the plastic beads, causing more gum irritation and potentially pain.

  1. The micro-beads are nearly impossible to get out.

If a micro-bead gets jammed in a pore, you simply have to wait until a pimple forms to expel it, or wait until an infection forms (which will seamlessly reject the plastic). For your gums, your cosmetic dentist in Walnut Creek, CA or hygienist will have to meticulously pick out each piece of plastic or free each bead from its tartar prison.

  1. Removing micro-beads is a time-consuming process.

If your dentist or hygienist takes the time to pick out the beads, you could be there for a while. This will make your dental visit longer, which is inconvenient for both you and your dentist office.

Thankfully, micro-beads are being phased out by the end of 2017. If you find that you simply cannot go without right away, simply pledge to not try and buy the stuff online. If you have any questions for your cosmetic dentist  in Walnut Creek, CA, please call our office at 925-937-9017.