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Walnut Creek Dental Implants

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How To Avoid Black Triangles Around Dental Implants

Dental implants restore the missing teeth. Its design is founded on the teeth’s normal structure.  They are artificial teeth roots that are directly placed into the jaw bone for maximum strength. They keep your crowns/teeth intact and function and look like natural teeth. Dental implants can last long when they are properly maintained, but the most challenging part is avoiding black triangles around your dental implants. Learn from your Dentist in Walnut Creek about avoiding black triangle around your Walnut Creek Dental Implants.

Here’s how to avoid them:

  • Firm Foundation

The most significant part of your dental implant, which you often overlook, is the bone supporting the implant. A good quality and density of bone volume are needed to guarantee that the implant stays firm in place. The bone holds your gums and the soft tissues. By having a firm foundation of the bone support, black triangles can be avoided.

  • Managing Tissue Around The Dental Implants

It’s important to take care and support the gum tissue to avoid black triangles around dental implants. The best time to apply dental implant is right after tooth extraction. In this manner, the implant can fit in at once to support the gums. Extra care is needed in the tooth extraction so that it won’t harm the bones, gums, or adjacent teeth.

  • Attractive Crowns

Lastly, it’s very crucial to ensure that the dental crown is formed accurately to fit in the size and form of your gums.  The dental crown has to blend in well with your adjacent teeth. It should fill the void to eliminate spaces and gaps that can cause black triangles around dental implants spaces. The ultimate touch is to have attractive crowns that match your natural teeth.



 Dental implants are a remarkable work of science that lets you replace your lost teeth with wonderful and natural looking new teeth. However, you have a corresponding responsibility in taking care of them. You must be careful in taking supplements and medications as they can affect implant healing, as well as the bone structure and density. A well-balanced diet and enough sun exposure for Vitamin D production are ideal. Contact us, your Walnut Creek Dentist to learn more about Dental Implants.

Smile design explained by your Dentist Walnut Creek

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Smile design: definition and process

A lot of people complain that their teeth don’t look good and that they don’t feel confident enough to flash the smile that they want. A smile design can change all of that. Learn from your Dentist Walnut Creek about what is involved in this process.

What is a Smile Design?

A smile design is a process that literally redesigns your entire smile to give you a perfect smile you’ve always wanted.  Some steps in doing a smile design would be filling up the gaps, straightening out the teeth, and shaping it out properly.

What is the Procedure of a Smile Design?

Step 1: Consultation

The first step in the procedure is the consultation wherein the patient will meet with the dentist and plan for the whole process. It is in this stage where the dentist will work together with the patient to design the desired plan.

Step 2: Preparation

The next step is the preparation of the patient. The preparation would involve cleaning and also prepare the teeth for the process. The preparation includes evaluating the teeth to create the crown and veneers.

Step 3: Making of Crowns and Veneers

After the preparation of the teeth, the third step is to make the crowns and the veneers that can help straighten the teeth. These veneers will have to stay on after the procedure.

Step 4: Teeth Restoration and Replacement

After the preparation of the crowns and the veneers, the dentist will first do a teeth restoration if there are cavities or decays. Teeth replacements may also be done at this stage if there are missing teeth. Implants can be done here to fill in the gaps.


If you are interested in going through a smile design, then these are some of the things that you should know about. By knowing what a smile design is and how it works, you can now go ahead and get the beautiful smile that you’ve always wanted.