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walnut creek cosmetic dentistryYour top providers of Walnut Creek cosmetic dentistry are often asked about our profession by patients. Specifically, inquiries about what cosmetic dentistry is, why we practice it and what sets up apart from our competition are all pondered- and are very valid questions indeed. With that in mind, today we will answer all the aforementioned questions to help you learn more about the ins and outs of cosmetic dentistry.


What IS Cosmetic Dentistry?

Compared to family, general or advanced dentistry- cosmetic dental procedures focus most primarily on the look of the smile. The previously mentioned categories will deal more with function and prevention, general health, but cosmetic procedures enhance aesthetic and restore teeth so that they are better looking.


Now, that is not to say that function and appearance don’t cross paths ever. For instance, we may place a dental bridge that can help improve appearance by filling in the gap left by missing teeth…but it will also help improve the bite and speech of the patient as well. As not only a top cosmetic dentist but as a doctor, we will never compromise patient safety or health for just a better-looking smile.


Why Practice Cosmetic Dentistry/What Sets You Apart?

Your Walnut Creek cosmetic dentists practice this particular branch of dentistry because we truly believe in the power of a smile. We have seen first-hand how improving a patient’s smile can improve their confidence, their emotions, their life. Choose our office because of our dedication to patient well-being and our unbeatable, individualized approach to your specific case.


Change your smile- change your life. Call the top cosmetic dentists in Walnut Creek CA today to schedule an appointment at (925) 937-9017.

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